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Monday, 19 March 2012
Wide range of Android-based Motorola models added to the list of supported. Updated P2K communication libraries. Added support for "large flash files". Updated Communication library for Android-based phone models. Updated drivers for the P2K & Android-based phone models. and much more

Today we introduce the new version of SCout flasher - 2.0

We are proud to announce that at the moment Scout is the only tool on the market that gives you everything you need to work with the latest Motorola Android phones. You are using the most powerful multi-platform solution and getting maximum of flashing possibilities, plus you have access to the biggest flash files collection in the World (hundreds of Gigabytes, almost 20.000 flash files) on board.

What interesting was added to this release?

  1. The number of supported Android models for the flashing purposes increased by 40%! Following models were added to the list of supported:
    • ATRIX ME860
    • CLIQ2 MB611
    • DEFY + MB526
    • DEFY Plus ME525
    • Droid-2 Global A956
    • Droid-X ME811
    • Droid-X2 MB870
    • DROID Pro XT610
    • DROID-X MB810
    • Photon MB855
    • Milestone ME722
    • Milestone-2 A953
    • MOTO XT615
    • MOTO XT882
    • MOTO XT532
    • Swordfish XT882
    • XOOM MZ601
    • XOOM MZ602
    • XOOM MZ604
    • XOOM MZ606
    • DEFY Mini XT320
  2. Added support for "large flash files".
    • Introduced new generation of *.PCF flash files, intended for the newest Android models.
    • The size of our flash files was reduced up to 60% comparatively to Motorola original flash file sizes. This will help you save time and internet traffic.
    • Files contain extended information about their specification.
    • Original "large" Motorola flash files (*.shx/*.sbf) are supported as well.
    • New *.pcf flash files can be used with Scout 2.0 and higher.
  3. Updated Communication library for Android-based phone models. This will allow you to work with a wider range of models.
  4. Updated drivers for the P2K & Android-based phone models.
  5. Expanded information that will be read from the flash file:
    • Model / Model internal / Brand / Product name / Locale region / Board platform / Build id / Build version / Build description.
      This and other useful information will be read before flashing and also will be added to the log. This will help you choose more suitable file for flashing.
  6. Improved compatibility with Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  7. Added End User License Agreement to the Scout setup.

Notice to Smart-Clip users who didn't experience all the benefits of Scout software yet! Let us remind that you that you can use Scout Multi-flasher if you own an S-Card, as it is fully compatible with the SCout flasher! Scout comes as the flashing add-on for all Smart-Clip owners with with S-Card. So take your chance and use this great opportunity included in your package.

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