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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Dear SCOUT users,

Scout flasher v2.10 software is out!

Scout is one of a kind phone flashing solution that is improved and updated on a regular basis for over 5 years from now and were about to keep it that way. This time weve added support for the majority of Motorola phones!

With Scout flasher you get:

  • Support for the majority of Motorola models - from the latest to the oldest (now more than 450 models)
  • The biggest and fast-growing archive of firmwares for most Motorola phones (1000 + Gb compressed in size flash files)
  • Regular updates, improvements and support (5+ years of updates and support of the project)

Release Notes:

  1. Scout flasher v2.10 was enhanced with Flash support for the following Motorola Android smartphones:
    • ATRIX 2 MB865
    • ATRIX 2 ME865
    • ATRIX HD MB886
    • DROID 3 XT862
    • DROID 4 XT894
    • DROID RAZR XT912
    • MILESTONE 3 XT860
    • MOTO XT928
    • PRO+ MB632
    • RAZR V XT885
    • RAZR MAXX XT910
    • RAZR XT910
    • XT860 4G
    • XOOM 2 Media Edition 3G MZ608
    • XOOM 2 Media Edition with WiFi MZ607
    • XYBOARD with WiFi MZ607
    • XOOM 2 3G MZ616

  2. Updated Communication library for Android-based phone models. This will allow you to work with a wider range of models.
  3. Updated drivers for the P2K & Android-based phone models.
  4. Added automatic flash log saving into the file (logs folder can be opened from the "Settings" tab)
Flash files for mentioned above models are getting uploaded to Boot-Loader v2.0 daily (overal over 75GB) Its right time to prolong the activation for another year of Boot-Loader 2.0 support!


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