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Wednesday, 12 March 2008
New *.pcf files added to SmartMoto and SCout sections of www.boot-loader.com

Added new language packs for:

  • V6
    • R26111VL-AS_U_96.66.76AR_LP0055.pcf
Added new firmware for:
  • V6
    • R26111VL-AS_U_96.66.76AR (Telstra ONLY fixes a Call Failed problem / Telstra SIM Lock Pre-paid version ONLY)
  • Z8
    • 2312c4_n_26112007914
    • 2312c4_x_1922008926 (Espoo Middle East Retail with new games (5))
    • 2312c5_z_312008143 (Swiss Retail)
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