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Thursday, 06 November 2008
New *.pcf files added to SmartMoto and SCout sections of www.boot-loader.com

Added SP lock free (unlocked) firmware for the following models:

  • V8_2Gb
    • R601_G_80.53.3BR (unlocked)
    • R601_G_80.54.5DR_A (Globe_unlocked)
    • R601_G_80.54.60R (Globe unlocked)
    • R601_G_80.55.0AR (T-MobileHR unlocked)
    • R601_G_80.56.13R_A (unlocked)
    • R601_G_80.56.15R (Globe unlocked)
    • R601_G_80.56.1BR (MyFaves T-MobileAT unlocked)
  • V8_2Gb_Luxury
    • R601_G_80.54.60R (Globe unlocked, Telecom BIH unlocked)
    • R601_G_80.56.15R (Glove unlocked, Generic unlocked, Smart unlocked)
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