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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

New *.pcf flex files added to SmartMoto and SCout sections

Added over 900 Mb of new flex files for:

  • K1 (3 files)
    • R452F (T-Mobile, Tesco)
  • K3 (2 files)
    • R261171LD (Retail Hungary, Serbia Telenor)
  • L7 (40 files)
    • R44419 (China CMCC NSL, MSIA SCREEN3)
    • R4513 (Amena, France Bouygues, HK GENERIC, India, Bulgaria M-Tel, Malaysia, Ireland Vodafone Motored, Orange, Baltic Retail, CZ-HU-SK Retail, Swiss Retail, Switzerland Sunrise, Sunrise, Swisscom, Retail Swiss, TF Pannon Hungary, Australia Vodafone, Greece Vodafone, Vodafone Hungary No TF, Live Vodafone, Portugal Vodafone, SFR France Vodafone, Slovenia Simobil Vodafone, Sweden Vodafone, VFD2 Germany Vodafone)
    • R4517 (Cingular Customer FLEX Subsidy Lock, iTunes O2 Post Pay, O2 iTunes, T-Mobile UK Postpay)
  • L72 (1 file)
    • R452J (Generic)
  • L7i_L7e (1 file)
    • R452D (Viet)
  • V1100 (1 file)
    • R261171RK (Vodafone Spain)
  • V3 (32 files)
    • R374 (Black India, Black SGP, Black Singapore M1, BlackAust. Telstra, China CMCC SL, Cingular Customer, Poland Era, Retail German, Generic VCAP Hong Kong, Indonesia, Lituano, M1, Hot Pink Retail Middle East, MOL Pannon, Serbia MTS, Swiss Orange, Retail Portugal, MENA Arabi Retail, Rogers Customer Video Capture, Telia SL, Retail UK, Digitel Venezuela)
  • V360 (13 files)
    • R44419 (Black China, Manufacturing Flex (Quad))
    • R4513 (France Bouygues, Malta, Baltic Retail, German Retail, Greece Retail, Macedonia Retail, Mauritius SFR, Retailer UA, Greece Vodafone, Hungary Vodafone, Vodafone)
  • V3i (1 file)
    • R3443H3 (Arabische Emiratev)
  • V3xx (26 files)
    • R26111LD ( Movistar Exclusivo, H3G AT, H3G, Spain Motorola, German O2, Portugal Optus, Alinghi Orange, Orange, German Retail, Russia Retail, Spain Retail, Sweden Telia, Tim, Wind & TIM, Yoigo)
    • R261171MRK-AS (Telstra Austria)
    • R261171RK-AS (Maxis)
    • R26117RK (Philinas, Ireland Vodafone, Chile Vodafone, German Vodafone, Ireland Vodafone, Spain Vodafone)
  • V6 (1 file)
    • R261171LD (Vodafone)
  • W510 (1 file)
    • R452G (HK Generic)
  • E398 (1 file)
    • R372 (Viet)
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